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Trial Xtreme 4

  • Genre: Sports
  • Version: 2.9.3
  • Requirements: Android 4.0
  • Update: December 9, 2020

  • Download Mod

Trial Xtreme 4 – quality motorcycle racing on the device the Android platform. Gameplay is a race with obstacles on different tracks, scattered on the living metropolis. First, the player found himself in an abandoned construction site with many construction equipment and building materials. Here the user is encouraged to undergo training to learn the basics and nuances of management. After training, you can proceed to the most interesting, namely the passage of the levels.

All the tracks are traversed in a limited time. This rider will compete with the Ghost of another player. It is automatically selected as the bet to win. If you win the user takes all the money, while the loser is left with nothing and trying to ride the route again.

Honestly earned money in between races, you should upgrade the motorcycle, getting him different parts from the new engine to the wheels. You can also enjoy the appearance of the bike and clothing of the rider to purchase a unique appearance. But to get a new iron horse is problematic without an infusion of real money. However, Trial Xtreme 4 – good racing game with easy controls and fun gameplay that will appeal to fans of the genre.

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