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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Version:
  • Requirements: Android 2.3
  • Update: December 8, 2020

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Terraria is a popular game for Android, which is often compared to Minecraft PE. The application was released by Re-Logic in 2011, and only recently appeared a version for smartphones and tablets. The plot is similar to its counterparts, where they build, destroy, cognize, fight for life in a huge world. The game makes a pleasant impression with bright exciting graphics. The gameplay is that the universe of the game consists of bricks, and you need to collect them and design your living space. The player has absolute freedom in the choice of tactics and tools. What a bliss to move in any direction, to choose what to do, whom to beat, what to build.

Gameplay Terraria is straightforward: you need to create your hero and send him to a rather cruel world where you should constantly fight for existence. A few simple tools are all that a character can use at the beginning of the game. Accordingly, his actions are rather primitive at first, and the results are weak. But everything changes in the course of the plot, the tools are becoming more sophisticated, and the results are more and more impressive. The creators offered an exciting background for our hero: the most diverse enemies, bosses, their own historical canvas.

Management is quite easy to learn, although initially a bit unusual. Navigation is performed by joysticks that are located on both sides of the screen: one for movement and jumps, the other for strikes. Scaling is done by pressing a finger on the screen, the blocks are also stacked. Everyone needs a home, and our hero is no exception, so start with that. Create new weapons and protection tools to achieve impressive results in building your world Terraria.

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