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Talking Tom Gold Run

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Version:
  • Requirements: Android 4.1
  • Update: September 16, 2021

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Talking Tom Gold Run – a new runner for Android from Outfit7, which gave us such hits as My Talking Angela and Swamp Attack. In their new creation, the player will have to control a continuously running cat, who is chasing a thief who has stolen a bag of gold from him.

The game process consists in the construction and arrangement of housing for Tom and his friends. To upgrade, you need to earn game currency, participating in the pursuit of stolen ingots. As in other similar runners, the win depends directly on the skill of the player and the distance traveled. In addition to gold, the line often needs crystals, which can be earned by breaking into special safes scattered across locations.

In Talking Tom Gold Run, as in Subway Surfers, There are many various improvements that facilitate the collection of game currency. These can be found during the races, as well as purchased in the game store. The most common bonus is a magnet that perfectly attracts gold bars when a character is nearby. It is quite simple to improve the first houses, but the higher the level, the more ingots and crystals you will need to switch to new locations.

The graphics in the game does not particularly stand out. These are all the same drawn textures and cartoon characters that are found in games of this genre. The control is carried out with gestures, about which the user will learn literally from the first minutes of the game.

Talking Tom Gold Run does not differ in originality, since there are quite a lot of similar applications on Google Play. However, a well-developed system of improvements and site upgrades favorably distinguishes this runner from competitors. Recommended exclusively to fans of the genre.

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