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Plants vs Zombies 2

  • Genre: Casual
  • Version: 8.6.1
  • Requirements: Android 4.1
  • Update: December 12, 2020

  • Download Mod

Plants vs Zombies 2 – the second part of the confrontation of the representatives of the plant world and the living dead. At first glance, there are almost no differences from the original. Game mechanics and characters are the same. Fans of the first game easily adapt to the gameplay. But it didn’t change without any changes: the game has improved graphics, a large number of new enemies, new locations and the main feature – time shifting.

The plot of the game starts in ancient Egypt, then the action takes place in the bay of pirates, and all ends in the Wild West. The fight against the invasion of zombies is not easy, you need almost perfect passing levels to get more game currency and the opening of new stages. For play money, you can purchase upgrades, new deadly varieties of vegetation and other items that make the passage easier. With a shortage of resources, you can resort to attracting real money.

Nice graphics again pleases the eye. New characters complement the already colorful world. The developers have tightened its detailing and development. At a high level performed and musical accompaniment. Plants vs Zombies 2 is an example of a sequel in which the creators multiplied the advantages of the original and worked on eliminating flaws.

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