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Nova Launcher Prime

  • Genre: Personalization
  • Version: 6.2.18
  • Requirements: Android 4.0
  • Update: December 2, 2020

  • Download Mod

Nova Launcher is the next shell on the android, made on the basis of Ice Cream Sandwich (in the last versions of the Material Design style), with which you can try out the clean interface of the mobile operating system.

Today, virtual spaces abound with a large number of launchers. However, despite this diversity, they look almost identical, because everyone in a single impulse try to look like the popular shells from Samsung and Sony. Nova Launcher also shows a pristine clean desktop, as on Nexus devices (Google Start).

The application is not too rich in settings, especially compared to the same GO Launcher. On the other hand, a significant advantage is that everything works exceptionally stably and smoothly, without unnecessary inconveniences, which can be caused by the interface overload.

After the first launch of the application, the desktop and the lower dock group most of the installed programs into folders. If some of them are not distributed correctly, there is a special item in the lower menu that allows you to sort the environment elements in every possible way.

The full version has enough functionality for customization, but, nevertheless, is inferior to such programs as Next Launcher and Go Launcher. At the same time, the launcher should be praised for the pleasant animation of the flipping, as well as for the regular release of mini-updates. It is clear that the developers are actively supporting their endeavor.

So, Nova Launcher – an attractive shell with a moderate functionality and good performance, inferior to competitors in the field of settings. In order to use all its potential, you need to download and install the Prime version and the notification plug-in.

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