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MARVEL Contest of Champions

  • Genre: Action
  • Version: 29.1.0
  • Requirements: Android 4.4
  • Update: December 2, 2020

  • Download Mod

Dynamic and exciting fighting game MARVEL Contest of Champions will allow fans of marvel comics to finally determine who among the characters of this universe will win in the confrontation one-on-one: nimble spider-Man or Wolverine is a brutal, scathing inventive Deadpool or Iron man, taciturn temper Groot or rocket Raccoon.

Winner of the Primordial Power, Chanelier of Tivan, better known as the Collector, enters into Champions in huge crystals and causes them to fight with a team of Kang the Conqueror, the main enemy of this story. Duels can take part more than 40 fighters, each in the collection of fighting techniques has a regular punch, strong kick, block and special attack.

In your squad you can include both heroes and villains, but the correct choice of companions and costumes allows you to receive a nice bonus in combat. Over time, the heroes will gain experience, equipment and to develop new opportunities, so bored in Marvel: Battle of Champions just do not have.

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