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Jungle Heat: War of Clans

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Version: 2.1.5
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3
  • Update: January 14, 2021

  • Download Mod

Jungle Heat: War of Clans – strategic online game, which is a world-renowned copycat of Clash of Clans. The strategy can boast several hundreds of thousands of regular players, making it one of the most popular mobile games.

Having clear tutorial, the user receives the office of a small settlement, in which the production of three major resources – gold, oil and crystals. The first two resources are the primary currency, then as the crystals help to increase the speed of constructions of buildings and fortifications. Difficult to get during the game, but easily purchased for real money.

As in other representatives of the genre, not without fights with enemy troops. Many users will want to take possession of the castle of the player, so you should get a reliable army to counter them. Battles happen by themselves, it is only necessary to designate the landing point of the squad, and then they will do all the work.

So for the first time to protect themselves from attacks of enemies is necessary to make the proposed tasks and to participate in the harvested plot battles. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to their own settlement, which remains vulnerable after the departure of the military garrison in the campaign. Jungle Heat: War of Clans is definitely one of the best strategies for taking game mechanics Clash of Clans, which has already gained many admirers and will take on some more.

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