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Hay Day

  • Genre: Casual
  • Version: 1.52.130
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3
  • Update: October 26, 2021

  • Download Mod

Hay Day – a wonderful simulator of the farm for android from the company Supercell. According to the plot, the protagonist becomes the owner of the farm in a beautiful and quiet place away from dirty and noisy megacities. Initially, the user has to restore order and restore abandoned buildings, and then you can start to develop a full-fledged agricultural business.

The game process is simple and straightforward, and does not contain any heavy elements. At first the player will receive help in the form of prompts to catch the basics. In Hay Day, there is no one clearly marked scenario for the development of the farm, and the user himself determines in which direction to improve. You can grow certain crops or engage in fishing, and at the height of development do everything at once. The main thing is that there is a choice. The extracted resources can be sold or exchanged with other players, which are very numerous here.

One way or another, for a full-fledged development of the economy in Hay Day it is necessary to perform all sorts of tasks that are tied to time. For performing tasks, the player will be generously rewarded with game currency and special precious stones, which can significantly speed up the process of building buildings and other objects. Since this is an online strategy, everything happens here in real time, and the presence of crystals can sometimes save from the failure of the mission.

The graphics in the game are just a feast for the eyes. The countryside in the cartoon style looks great. Buildings, fields, trees, ponds and other game attributes perfectly complement the atmosphere of good and coziness. With the management of problems should not arise, all actions are carried out by touch and svaypami on the screen.

Hay Day is considered to be one of the best farms for smartphones and tablets. Colorful graphics and addictive gameplay can lure the user for a long time.

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