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  • Genre: Sports
  • Version: 5.2.4
  • Requirements: Android 3.0
  • Update: March 7, 2021

  • Download Mod

DEER HUNTER – hunting simulator on Android from well-known companies Glu. The sequel, like the first editions, has a good visual component that will appeal to fans of the virtual walks in the woods. Everything here looks pretty realistic, from the weather to animal behavior. The last point worked out so that if you go to a strong animal with a weak rifle, then it is likely to become a prey.

The whole gameplay is built on the participation in various attacks. The area often spoil the original landscape, weather conditions and variety of animals. The larger an animal is, the more powerful the gun will need a hunter. For leveling weapons developers have introduced an advanced system of improvements.

In fact, the gameplay is DEER HUNTER 2018 not have some major changes. The player still has to perform various tasks, for example to get the beast in a certain part of the body. Advanced definition uses a special thermal imaging camera, but the time for its operation is considerably limited so don’t loiter.

For strict adherence to the instructions, the hunter gets extra buns to replenish its Arsenal. On the downside, it is worth noting quickly used the energy that allows you to fully enjoy the game in DEER HUNTER 2018. But overall, this game is a worthy continuation of the series, despite the Intrusive donate and mediocre graphics.

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