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Cut the Rope: Magic

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Version: 1.17.0
  • Requirements: Android 4.0
  • Update: April 7, 2021

  • Download Mod

Cut the Rope: Magic – a fascinating puzzle game from ZeptoLab, which is partly similar to its predecessors, but has some unique features and changed gameplay. The main change is that the main character of the game is now able to transform into other characters.

New version as part of the gameplay is a little different from the original. The user still have to cut the ropes to the cherished candy canes fell to the protagonist. But this time the levels are so diverse that insulting me is not enough. Thus, often there are levels in which the game can become a little bird, able to fly at low altitude, or fish, perfectly floating in the water.

These abilities allow you to successfully navigate Cut the Rope: Magic without getting stuck at specific stages. Very often the character is suspended on a rope or tied to a certain design. In the most difficult moments, you can use hints, the number of which is limited. As in the previous parts of the puzzle, each level you must collect three stars with it absolutely no matter how they will be matched with candy or Am nyamom.

The graphics became more vivid and beautiful, the animation smoother. Was redrawn almost all the interface elements that immediately catches the eye. The office remained unchanged, the same touch and swipe.

Overall, Cut the Rope: Magic – a worthy continuation of the series of the popular game. A fresh look at the game mechanics and visual effects given the project a new breath. Recommended for the lovers of fast puzzle arcade game.

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