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Champions of Avan

  • Genre: Role playing
  • Version: 0.7.7
  • Requirements: Android 4.4
  • Update: September 24, 2021

  • Download Mod

Champions of Avan is a strategic RPG set in a dark fantasy medieval setting. In the role of an aristocrat, objectionable to the ruler of the king of the Rockmayer lands, the player will find himself on the edge of the kingdom in the mining town of Avan. At this point, you will have to start climbing, using the full potential of the available resources. In the process of development, the city will be able to turn into a powerful formation that will become a tasty morsel for many opponents. Therefore, in addition to increasing the number of structures, increasing the population and upgrading other development factors, the user must acquire a powerful army that will be able to repel any enemy attacks.

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