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Where’s My Water?

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Version: 1.18.5
  • Requirements: Android 2.1
  • Update: July 25, 2021

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Where’s My Water? – known puzzle game on Android. Swamp is a very clean crocodile, despite the fact that he has to live in the sewers. Your task is to help the main character to take a shower, directing the flow of water through digging of channels. No cost and without solving the problems with the pipes. Water constantly flows downward, if the soil is formed hollow, we also need to bring it to the special pipe, which is directly connected shower of crocodile.

Despite the fact that all the gameplay Where’s My Water? is actually reduced to digging of channels, the project does not seem monotonous, and, moreover, is simple. The developers do not get tired to complicate the main character access to the coveted water. Almost every new level brings a new object associated with the gameplay. For example, bombs that explode if they are wet. In addition to such troubles, the game contains various bonuses and hidden in the ground. Best to pass the level you need to transport along with the water of all three ducklings, which in most cases is extremely difficult.

The app has nice hand-drawn graphics and smooth animation. The game has not been noticed significant weaknesses. It becomes clear that the developers have tried from the heart. They did a similar project called Where’s my Perry?. Where’s My Water? – a wonderful app with a funny character in the lead role, which will be able to catch the fancy of not only children but also adults. Note that the online publication Pocket Gamer and phonearena recognized it as game of the year.

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