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Virus Blast – Shooting Game

  • Genre: Casual
  • Version: 1.0.6 (8)
  • Info: flyrixsoft
  • Update: July 6, 2022

  • Download Mod

The azure blue earth is full of youthful vitality, vigorously vigorous and exudes infinite attraction. The genes of living objects outside the universe are fissioned and recombined, becoming super viruses, and they are coming straight toward the attractive earth. The virus is fierce and stubborn, approaching step by step, as if entering the land of no one. Once the virus lands, it can spread across the board and cause devastating damage to the earth.

In order to protect the earth, the whole world is united, concentrating all forces to overcome difficulties, build super weapons, and jointly protect our beautiful home.

> Tap the screen to launch cannonballs to attack viruses, simple and fun.

> Can be upgraded to enhance the power of weapons, a variety of weapons for you to choose.

> Eliminating the virus will not only protect the earth but also get rich rewards.

>The big turntable is full of surprise prizes and props waiting for you to take away.

> Unlimited firepower starts immediately, and the fun game is endless.

>Hurry up and invite your companions to defend the earth and share the rewards!

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