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Ultraman: Legend of Heroes v1.2.6 MOD APK (High Damage/Defense)

  • Genre: Action
  • Version: 1.2.6
  • Info: High Damage/Defense
  • Update: September 22, 2021

  • Download Mod

Ultraman is one of the Japanese films on the topic of tokusatsu that is very popular around the world. It has been launched with so many different versions that viewers can enjoy. But until now, this movie is no longer produced for viewers to watch. But it remains an endless inspiration for game makers to be able to launch new games. On the topic of Ultraman, the newly released game is Ultraman: Legend of Heroes – inspired by this movie. There are many titles on the market, but most of them are unofficial copies. This game is not like that; it was authorized by the film’s author to release this game. So it can be said that this is the most official and genuine version for players to experience.

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