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Tic Tac Toe : Noughts and Crosses, OX, XO

  • Genre: Board
  • Version: 1.8.4 (90000184)
  • Info: Wrappersoft
  • Update: May 14, 2022

  • Download Mod

*** Difficult level ***

* “Easy” Designed for you to win the most.

* “Normal” This level AI have been design for defeat you at least. But it’s always ready to defeat you if you forget to protect. The most defeat of you, Are comes from your mistakes or force AI to win.

* “Hard” This level AI will only make the victory without any tactical. It’s will switch to invade and defend all the time.

* “Expert” You have not chance to defeat this just draw with it. The fun is how much of you can draw with it or! You make the all tie score or! You can find how to defeat it.

Note: You can chose the difficult level at the game play scene however you want. When you change the difficult level game will start new game.

*** Game mode ***

* “Solo” Play with AI.

* “Duel” Play with friend on same device.

*** Chose side ***

You can chose to be O or X. When you chose the game will show on the top left of the game play scene.

*** First player ***

* “Win” The winner will be the first player at the next game. But if tie or lose, will swap the first player to the second player.

* “Alternate” When games end, will swap the first player to the second player.

* “You” You always play first.

* “Com” AI system always play first.

* “Friend” Your friend always play first. (WiFi)

*** Score ***

The score have separated to any level and game mode. You can reset all the score at the menu scene and reset only current mode at game scene.

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