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The Room

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Version: 1.08
  • Update: May 18, 2021

  • Download Mod

The development of the gaming market is actively developed. Most of the games are in the gore action genre to attract players. But somewhere there are still some games, although there are no individual battle scenes nor guns, it still gets a lot of attention from the players. The Room game series is such a series, this is a puzzle game series that has taken a lot of love from gamers. Now with the release of season 3 of the game, why don’t we go back to the beginning? “The Room” is part 1 as well as a prelude to the success of this series of puzzle games. Launched with a large gaming community in 2010 by the manufacturer Fireproof Games, this is a company that has released many exciting puzzle games. This game is also the game that marked a milestone for the success of the company.

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