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My Talking Hank

  • Genre: Casual
  • Version:
  • Requirements: Android 4.1
  • Update: August 17, 2021

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My Talking Hank the game is one of the sequels vivid entertainment, in which you need to look after my little puppy. Little four-legged friend was in a small basket, which brought on a warm Sunny island bird. The player will have to watch your pet, to surround him with care, because it is still small and needs help. What will I need from you?

You, as a responsible parent, will be required to monitor the process of going to the toilet, sleep and feeding the baby Hank. The character loves nature and photographing animals in their usual habitat. That is why the hero is in possession of a camera, pictures from which are placed in your personal photo album. Sometimes, to acquire a rare inhabitant of the island need to buy any thing, in order to attract the attention of the animal. 30 photos of each animal with a few more toys give a cash bonus, as well as for the discovery of a new character.

If the user want to change, then the puppy has its own closet, and during the day loves to take a NAP in the hammock. Evening is the legal time of sleep and rest. Card application thought, and a virtual world available for research. Nice looking picture, great drawing, detailing and cute puppy – only small advantages of the application. The soundtrack is not devoid of imagination, as the developers have introduced the voices of the animals in the gameplay, and the sound of the surf will leave no one indifferent. Hank can repeat a user says it all, but with a greater touch of positivity and laughter in his voice. My Talking Hank will keep you entertained and distracted from everyday problems.

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